Welcome to Vaspba Remote Pilot Systems. We are currently updating and adding to our site so please check back regularly for new and exciting additions. 

We at VASPBA Remote Pilot Systems (RPS) pride ourselves in the professionalism afforded from being a mix of ex Royal Naval and civilian personnel.  Our specialist Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Unmanned Underwater Systems (UUS) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) allow a unique opportunity for our customers to either purchase or employ us to carry out work for them.

From Photography, videography or surveying we can adapt to our customer’s needs. We are fully licensed and insured with added flexibility to work at night and in wind and rain, with our special permissions night licence and our splash waterproof drone.

We also offer bespoke packages for warranty repair and servicing of our sold systems.

We have a selection of drones we can choose from based on your requirements. Our team of 4 experienced rps operators have many hours flight time.

DJI S800

Professional feature length video shoot.

DJI Phantom

Great for quick aerial photo & video with superior results.

DJI Inspire

Two man operation for surveys and inspections. Camera independently operated in view of client.


Underwater tool for diving, exploration and photography.

Splash Drone

High quality video and photo in and around water and all kinds of weather.