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Increasingly, drones are being considered for search & rescue (SAR) missions due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency over the traditional methods. However, many drones are very fragile and are not well suited to the rigors of harsh environments. 
Our SplashDrone 3+ can not only assist first responders with better situational awareness and payload delivery from the air but can also be used by amateurs to deliver rapid assistance without risking themselves.
The SplashDrone 3+ is the world’s first and most robust waterproof flying platform built to perform search missions in rain, snow, flooded area and over the ocean.   A quick-release payload mechanism can carry up to 1kg of payload to drop life-saving equipment to people in need. Applications: 
  • Quickly survey disaster zones from above, help rescuers assess the situation and plan missions. 
  • Search for missing or injured people in a disaster area. 
  • Deliver life-saving equipment to victims at a distance.
  • Easily access hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Execute missions in all weather. 
  • Protect rescue team members from potential risks. 
  • More time-saving than on-foot searches, speeds up the efforts to locate victims. 
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of missions compared to manned aircraft search. 
  • Drop life-saving equipment to help victims out of immediate danger and buy more time for rescue teams to arrive.
Main Features: 
1. Able to land and take-off from salt and fresh water as well as flying in rain, sleet and snow. 
2. Stable flight in gusts of wind. 
2. High propulsion system and solid design with apayload capacity up to 1 kilogram. 
3. Remote and precise payload release by remote controller. 
4. Record high resolution video through the 4K camera built-in the payload release mechanism. 
5. View real-time video feed on the remote controller or on goggles. 
6. Controllable by mobile APP to conduct autopilot missions such as follow-me and waypoints navigation. 
7. Able to automatically return to the starting point and automatically land after mission completed. 
8. Specially treated componentry protects the drone’s circuits from moist environments.

Real Life Case Studies

SplashDrone 3 deliver life jackets to struggling swimmers, (video attachment pending)  Red Cross Sri Lanka deployed SplashDrone 3 to map out the flooded area and spot stranded persons (video attachment pending)  
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