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Holiday Homes
We have used Dolphin Drones on a number of occasions to photograph our park and plots of caravan sites from above using their drone. They act in a professional and responsible manner each time and safety is always paramount.
Anastasia Stone
UK Abacaus
We used the guys at Dolphin Drones and their fisherman drones to drop a series of objects throughout a pre designated route. With the drones payload release system and it’s abilty to plot way points before flight we were really happy with how the day went.
Patrick James
Estate Agent
We use Dolphin Drones to take photographs from above for all of our commerical property across the region. We feel the pictures really help our listings stand and appeal to potential buyers.
Steven Rashford
UK Telecomms
We have a contract with Dolphin Drones where they have one of their pilots on standby 24 hours a day. In the event of one of our communication towers failing they are there within hours – drone in the air and sending a live feed back to our centre.
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