Full Commercial Drone Training

We are currently in the process of updating our operations so we can train, assess and submit PFCO to the CAA. Please check back here soon for this service. In the meantime we already offer the following drone courses. From improving your drone flying skills to getting the most out of your aerial photography business. Night Flight Drone -Gaining Relelvant Permisions -Fitting Lumi Cubes Introduction To Aerial Photography -Phase One: Learning about compostion and apertue, shutter speed and iso. Using manual and automatic. -Phase Two: Photo manipulation and editing software. Learn techniques in Adobe Photoshop to get the most from your aerial photography. Introduction To Video Photography -Phase One: Learning video production and controlling a drone whilst shooting. -Phase Two: Video editing software. Introduction To Flying A Drone Drones can be very expensive so it makes sense to train yourself up before operating these expensive bits of kit. Training includes full set up, calibration and flight training on all DJI models. Introduction To Flying A Waterproof Drone If you have purchased one of our splash drones we can offer training on all aspects. This includes full set up of the drone, full calibration, using the camera and flight control including landing in and out of water. Introduction To Controlling An Underwater Drone If you have purchased one of our underwater drones we can cover all the techniques needed for its operation. We will show you how to fully control the machine underwater, including operation of the 4k camera and how to use stabilisation mode. We offer a selection of waterproof, underwater and specialist drones for sale and hire. We also provide weatherproof photography, video and surveying services.
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